Cinéma – Pourquoi vous devez aller voir Black Panther (Jeu concours)

Black Panther the highly anticipated superhero movie of all times.

Do not ask me where I get this assertion from I decided it is so.

A few days ago as big Marvel and DC comics fan that I am, I asked out of curiosity to my subscribers who among them would go to see the movie Black Panther. Many were the positive answers but I was extremely surprised to find that there were so many “no”. I then wondered what would prevent a person from going to see this movie and apart from “I do not like super hero movies” I can’t find and answer  (and even that reason is not valid).

The world of super heroes and the imagination of children and adults.

In the universe of superheroes there is Marvel (Captain America, Avengers, Iron Man, X-men etc …..) and there is DC Comics (Superman, Batman, WonderWoman, the justice league etc. .. ..) the two most famous franchises. Basically it’s about comics (that I have not read) because I’m not disciplined enough, some of which have been adapted to the cinema over the years. Spiderman has for example, since my birth been played by three different actors and to this day strangely, the last one is my favorite . When yet I tend to like only versions with actors of my childhood. The reason is clear it is the first Spiderman who included diversity in his casting. ♀️

I myself fell in love with this world of superheroes in Cameroon i was in highschool by that time when X-men (the version with Halle Bery) was on Canal+. I remember having spent a sleepless night before an exam day (my father was absent of course) because this film was on TV. Magneto then became my lover although already very old in the film – laughs. Since then, I do not miss any Marvel / Dc comics in the theater. I see them all at the cinema, it is with Karell one of our lovers appointments.

These super heroes are all more or less humans / aliens (sometimes hybrids) with special powers (to this day I still wonder how Batman can hold the fight against Superman but we will pass on that) and help save the earth from the wicked. Some are friends, others fight each other, but at the end they do not prevent good, which always ends up overcoming evil.

If you have children you can not miss out on at least one of these super heroes and heroines because yes women are represented in this world.

Here is, according to me, reasons why you will have to go see the movie Black Panther that will be released in France on February 16th.


What Black Panther tells as a story

In the lineage of his superheroes, Marvel did not have a black superhero. And with  the USA history slavery / racism / black rights struggle, the first black superhero of the franchise came into being and it was Black Panther. Let me give  you the context if you did not know Black Panther.

His name is T’Challa heir to the kingdom of Wakanda, an extremely rich kingdom somewhere in an imaginary land of Africa.

T’Challa appears for the first time, in the current movies in Captain America the Ice Soldier. Episode in which his father is killed and he inherits the crown of Wakanda and responsibilities. At the end of the film, he is responsible for protecting a very special thing that can destroy the earth (I do not spoil you too much for those who would like to watch the movies).

The role of T’Challa is embodied by the beautiful Chadwick Boseman (we are all a little in love with him) but especially we will find in this first volume a sensational casting : Angela Basset, Lupita Nyong’o to name few. African actors also have their names in: the Ivorian Isaach de Bankolé and the Cameroonian Constance Ejuma to name a few.

The representativeness of the blacks on our screens.

You have to go see Black Panther because first of all it’s the first superhero movie with a cast almost made up of 90% black actors and actresses. Americans, Africans and that, just feels good to finally be able to see in a movie on the big screen in France.

If I had kids believe me at the next Halloween they would all be disguised as one or more characters from Black Panther.

Have a good time and try to decipher codes

To create the universe of Wakanda (purely imaginative), the producers of the film were inspired by many African tribes, ancestral rites. And it will be extremely funny and challenging to try to decipher / recognize at least one or two codes of our cultures.

As little as we can hear from the trailer, actors seem to have worked very specific accents to stick to their roles. On the other hand, I’m a little afraid of what the VF will give in France (please do not make caricatural accents) but my thank God, I only watch my films in VO. For those who will see this movie in VF do not hesitate to tell me what they did.

Seing Black Panther movie means supporting Black Excellence

Since its announcement, I knew I would go and see Black Panther. With the girls here in the club, we also planned to go for a drink with our readers who would go see the session of Saturday, February 17th to chat about what we thought of this hot movie. Do not worry this appointment is always maintained.

Nevertheless, a few days ago Ak-a agency behind the Brown Sugar Days which I have already spoken to you several times, announced a preview of thunder on Saturday, February 10 at the Grand Rex. They will have two great movies: Blue Point and Queen of Katwe (which I still have not seen) and at 20h Black Panther. I literally screamed in front of my screen and rushed to buy my tickets. As a sign of support for these two young blacks behind this company, and also because I am so happy that they have this opportunity because they were the first to bet to broadcast African-American films that did not come out in France ( because not enough representative).

The director of Black Panther: Ryan Coogler is a young director (born in 86) who has a promising future if we trust the few projects he has on his pay: Fruitvale station and Creed. He co-wrote this episode of Black Panther so I can not wait to find out what he has in store for us.

The soundtrack is signed Kendrick Lamar. At this point I think I have released my joker to you.

Go see Black Panther is supporting young talented blacks. With that, I hope that these few clarified points will give you a little more desire to go see and support this film.

For my part I literally connot wait i am thrilled.

Kiss and see you real soon

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