Men’s fashion: Satin yay or nay?

Satin for men…Even when, like me, we pride ourselves on not having a priori in terms of fashion, some things do not seem obvious. Satin for man is definitely a part of it. It must be said that the material by its appearance is hardly imaginable outside the indoor clothing and it’s difficult to avoid the effect corny. However, for some years now fashion has seized the phenomenon and even if it remains rare the trend is set to last.

Satin pajamas: from the indoor clothing to the trendy must-have.

The trend of pyjamas did not stop at the woman wardrobe. For years, the luxury brands by creations and reinterpretations are giving it a special place . Don’t be fooled, however, this is not a trend that we encounter at every street corner in men. What I regret a little 🙃😂.

Seriously, satin pajamas for men do not really meet the same success as women’s. Which is understandable. Difficult to land in the open Space in total satin look cut pyjamas. This is still reserved for fashion addicts.

Satin: a “hype” material

For fans of tv shows, Narcos in particular, in season 3, you could not miss the character of Pacho Herrera one of The Godfather’s  of the cartel of Cali. His charisma, conferred by his particular style. His wardrobe? His jewels and colorful satin shirts for the most part.

Why am I talking about that? Because it is a mixture of assumed opulence flirting with bad taste, virility and carelessness / indifference to other people’s gaze, to its climax. An explosive cocktail. Codes taken up by luxury brands and validated by the “hype”, new generation of personalities who are successful followed by hundreds of thousands people, especially the new generation of rappers. Shirts, scarves worn as bandana, squares…. everything is good.

The simplier the better for a everyday look

But then is it possible to wear satin everyday? Yes, by small touches, associated with classic pieces for a result that will never leave anybody indifferent.

So gentlemen would you rock satin? Remember: pensez, appliquez, modez.

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