Where do we eat ? At the Italian restaurant Presto Fresco

“Where do we eat?”
In general, I know what I want to eat but I do not know how to decide on the place. This embarrassment of choice that often leads to the sempiternelle steak-fries-green beans of another French bistro with an annoyed waiter (the very famous Parisian Touch).

Presto Fresco, a ticket for Sicily

That evening, my friend and I were wandering in the neighborhood of Chatelet in search of a welcoming table before our film session (with only the most subjective criterion, the appearance of the terrace) when we chose Le Presto Fresco, 14 Rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris.


The Presto Fresco place

The setting is family with lanterns outside, a warm atmosphere inside. There is also a lot of animation. Pesto Fresco is also a grocery with products made in Italia.


The service of Presto Fresco

There was a little wait before having a table, and for good reason, the restaurant is always full: it is better to book my dear. Once seated, the service was fast enough for what we ordered (our pizza arrived in 15 minutes) and our waitress was smiling and spoke fluent Italian (yes it counts for me, I need to hear the accent Italian singing on reading the menu).



Presto Fresco’s menu

The restaurant offers fresh products, pasta stuffed with truffle, colorful grilled vegetables and seafood. I first wanted to take a salad of octopus but the jealous friend who wanted to share my plate opposed his right veto. We went back to a thin, well-stocked and tasty pizza.
Vegetarians will also enjoy the meal because there are several options of adapted dishes.
The prices are affordable and we regretted the tight timing that did not allow to take a dessert (I was side-eyeing the tiramisu with berries).


My opinion

A good quality / flavor / price ratio.

Will I come back? Yes, definitely to test the octopus salad and stuffed pasta.

Do I recommend? Yes and I strongly advise you to book.


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