Men’s fashion: How To Dress in Spring?

Just out of the winter, we were propelled into the Indian summer. Yet in the days to come, the changes in temperature and weather, characteristics of spring will make their comeback. Between clouds and storms, sun and rain, even if it is not cold, this season is complicated to manage. In terms of style it’s difficult to dress appropriately? How to choose the clothes adapted to between two seasons?

Layering you will adopt.

This trend seen, reviewed and often the prerogative of women’s fashion has been installed for some years now in men’s fashion.
Layering for those who do not know it is the fact of wearing layers of clothing. Between two seasons it takes another dimension: it is to be able to remove a layer to adapt to temperature fluctuations while remaining elegant.

A good Layering is based on a superposition that leaves nothing to chance. From light materials with light colors on the inside to thicker materials with dark colors on the outside. Contrast is the key.


The choice of parts to achieve your Layering is also to be taken very seriously. In addition to basics (shirts and other t-shirts), it will invest in a good pieces (vest, V-neck sweaters), and quality jackets according to your style: perfecto, Teddy’s and other blazers. You choose. Whatever your style, difficult to cross this season without a trench in a water repellent material.

Adapted materials, you will choose.

Because between two seasons it is not particularly hot or cold, it is difficult to find the right clothes. Especially when, on the same day, the temperature differences can be huge.
Before the cuts or the colors, the fabrics must determine your choices.
Exit the cashmere too hot for the climbs of temperature at the end of the day. Synthetics too are to be avoided: they do not regulate perspiration I let you imagine the result. As I told you natural materials, such as cotton or merino wool that have anti-bacterial properties and breathe will be your best allies.

Now do not forget: pensez, appliquez, modez!!!

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