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In Paris the sun is back, in Douala he never left 🙂 so this is the perfect time for one of my favorite activities: getting nails! Mymou and C. have tested for me what I will call “place to go” if you are in Paris:


I had already heard about Gloss’Up before returning to Cameroon, but I will not be able to tell you under what circumstances I had heard about it, oops. At the time I discovered other nails bars but with the disadvantage for one that was too far and for the other that the frame was not ideal for the poses that I have habit of doing. I take this post to go back to why it’s great to go to a nail / beauty bar to get nails.

One is never better served than by oneself: except for the right hand!

If like me you have dozens and dozens of polishes, you prepare your nail time as carefully as a TV evening: the products to put on the shelf, what will be on TV, something to drink ..

You should also know that varnishing your left hand when you are right handed and vice versa is torture (a big up to ambidextrous people who do not feel concerned by this concern) but also that:

  • There is always too much polish at one time or another and it drips and gets stuck in the cuticles!
  • Besides, you often forget to cut the cuticles before starting to apply the nail polish, oops!
  • Inevitably everything will be spoiled after a few minutes since just when you are done: it will change channels, go to bed or begin to prepare for the exit between girlfriends

All that to say that doing his manicure and / or pedicure at home, itself is a pleasure, but it is never 100% nickel unfortunately. If in spite of everything you get there, without going through the lead, you can go to the next reason to do it in a nail bar. Otherwise, take an appointment online on Gloss’up. Mymou said of the online appointment platform that it is: “easy to use and understandable”

New trends in nail art are like catches taken not to reproduce at home

In fact though! You can try to reproduce them, but the result is really not guaranteed. Do you want to be satisfied with your new moon manicure, stilettos nails or fishnet nail art? I can not advise you enough to let a pro take care of it. Even if the principles seem simple: for the manicure in the form of moon for example it is enough to superpose two colors; you will never get the same result. Believe me I tested and to get this result, I appealed to a pro!

Imagine, when you have to hand a hand in the UV machine, it’s much better if a nice lady is engaged in your second hand. And it goes faster!

Do not miss any opportunity to pamper yourself!

What I like in the nails bars are the armchairs! They are always soft, it seems that for a few hours you have the right to cuddle. In most nails bars they are even relaxing chairs with heating or massage function. When we take care of your little petons, you just have to snuggle in your seat and let the pleasure invade you. You will have crazy laughs if like me you are ticklish but I promise you a real moment of relaxation.

Gloss’Up meets all the conditions of a super nail bar:

  • The practical side right after your shopping session or near your office (regarding the 2 addresses in Spring). By the way, we told you about the new Spring of Beauty did you know that it is surely Ali Baba’s cave for nailista in Paris and not only because of Gloss’Up!
  • The comfy side with a girly frame but not too much: “a graphic ultra and girly.The wood mixes with pastel colors: water green, powder pink and light gray.This glamorous and feminine atmosphere invites relaxation.” Besides C. says that this atmosphere soothes

The manicure is always better with friends!

My mops have often led me to push the door of a nail bar and very often I was alone, but the best moments are those with my friends. And Gloss’Up understood this: they propose and especially highlight the beauty brunch and other nail party! When other spaces consider this as an additional service, Gloss’Up beauty bars encourage you to come with your friends!

And if you are not alone, you can share the bill. The painful as it is called is one of the reasons why we usually say to oneself I will do it myself especially if you do not see the difference between a mani and a detox mani. But rest assured, Mymou asked the Gloss’up team to raise the mystery. We hope soon to see a small precision on their site.

Our address book has been enriched by a new Parisian address for nailistas, we hope you will have the opportunity to discover it too and that you will have a good time!

S. - Rédactrice Lifestyle

Après avoir vadrouillé dans les rues parisiennes je suis de retour en Afrique. Ce qui fait de moi une "Repat" (personne ayant vécu à l'étranger et de retour dans son pays d'origine) ! C'est maintenant à Douala, Lagos et toutes les villes d'Afrique que je vous emmène en balade. Curieuse et un brin aventurière, la nailista que je suis partagera avec vous toutes ses découvertes : les gourmandes, les virtuelles et celles de la "vraie vie".

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