What does your perfume say about you?


The use of the perfume goes back very far in the History, already of the time of the Pharaohs. The perfume, in the form of oils, balms or ointments, was sold at a great price and punctuated the social and religious life.

Today, it has become democratized, it can be found at very affordable prices and it has integrated our routine. However, he speaks of us more than we think, even before we open our mouths sometimes, hence the importance of choosing it with great care.


A perfume, memories

Smell is one of the five most intimate senses in that it carries an emotional charge more or less strong depending on the person. Every day, and often unconsciously, we will draw on our olfactory library in which are stored all the smells encountered in our life, starting with that of our mother at birth. The area of ​​the brain sought is that of emotions, we understand better the episode of the famous madeleine Proust. Stevy Mahy, in his song “Glory” describes the loved one by grazing the list of nuances of his perfume: “It smells like coconut butter, the tomorrows promising, it smells the sun-drenched lemon, the splendors of the sky, it smells the furious lover, the uncut diamond … “

Far from being categorized as romantic, natural, sporty, seductive or mysterious, to choose your perfume, you must know who you really are. As I said in the introduction, he talks about you. As much as he says vehicle of real information. It is seductive accessory and carrier of the image you want to send back to the company. There is no “good perfume”, the perfume is something totally subjective. There are only “perfumes made for oneself”. There are the faithful and there are ficklings. I belong to this second category.


The scent of a lifetime

Initially, I associated “perfume” and “convenient mom”. These flasks with elaborate design, almost jewels, were the symbol of adulthood, of mother. I did not touch it for fear of breaking anything and taking a shower of trowel. My first perfume represented for me the transition to the age of young lady. I remember it was “Le premier Parfum” by Lolita Lempicka. The bottle was so small that I saved it, only taking it out on special occasions, so as not to run out too quickly “my precious”.

When I arrived in France, I switched to mixed / masculine fragrances like “CK One” by Calvin Klein or “Chrome” by Azzaro, one of my father’s perfumes. Much later, I switched to more musky fragrances like Dior’s “J’adore”, one of my mother’s perfumes. Today, in winter, I do not part with my “J’adore” by Dior. The rest of the year I wrap myself with scents of White Musk like “For Her” rose by Narciso Rodriguez. I thought of loving “For Her” pink until I tested Narciso Rodriguez’s “Eau de Parfum Rouge”. I’m conquered … Until the next incarceration …

I wanted to know what are the perfumes of the other women of the Cotonettes Club:

“I am more like ‘Vanille insensée’ by Les ateliers Cologne” (C. de Leen).

“I put ‘M Moi’ or ‘A madness’ by Mauboussin” (S.).

“I never choose my perfumes according to the season My favorite perfume is ‘Magnetism’ by Escada. The second in the list is Laura Mercier’s ‘Ambre Vanillé'” (Mymou).

If you live in Cameroon, I suggest you check our post on Bioromance fragrances.



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