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We arrive slowly at the end of the year and it is the moment to evaluate and / or reconsider our objectives. In fact, this sentence is a little naive, because it should be done throughout the year. But as some like to work under pressure, nothing better than adding a layer, is not it?

I told you about my vision board at the beginning of the year, place at the mini-balance sheet. I have made good progress on some projects (the real estate, I will come back to this one day to talk about this obstacle course for people with administrative phobia like me), on others I do not have many advanced (preparation photo exhibition), some are being downloaded very slowly (steps to enroll in driving school through my formation hours) and some have added to the list as happy evening squatters (learn to ride a bike).
Anyway the question of “how to be productive on a daily basis?” always arises. As we know, it is the sum of well managed days that make a productive month and soon a productive year. In this article, I talked about motivation and discipline, and over the course of the year, I added 3 tips to my morning routine to be more productive during the day.


Make a concise and reasonable To-Do List

Yes, we are dying under the lists and we feel guilty for not having done much at the end of the day. I found how not to get there, or at least to get a little forward. Before going to bed the day before, I list the 3 things I absolutely must do the next day.
I say 3 things, not 10. The goal is to be reasonable and honest with oneself: we do not have 75 hours in a day to do everything. The next day, I reread my list as soon as I wake up and I mentally project myself into my day to set mini-deadlines for each task, even to put alarms on my phone. We can quickly become engrossed in our work and not see the day pass.



Know how to prioritize your tasks

You certainly know the Eisenhower matrix. It can save lives by lightening the mental load that our busy dailies impose on us. It is a question of classifying its tasks according to the Urgent / Important criteria. This requires referees because you can not put everything on the same level and do everything at the same time. It’s up to you to see how much time you want to spend on each task. In my case for example, shipping orders is top priority urgent / important and I arrange to do it early in the morning, the opening of the post office because there are fewer people in the queue. I can spend up to 20 minutes. Use a planner if it can help you.


Favorite 1

Favorite 2

Favorite 3

Learn how to say no

I work in open space and I think it’s the worst work environment for me. We are constantly interrupted by people who do not understand that we are not at their disposal. Better management of your time means knowing how to say no with courteous, with killing eyes to allow yourself the time to work properly, to have a good work / life balance to advance your personal projects. As my father says, “the work of the white man never ends” so put limits.

Obviously, these are just tips that you will need to adapt to your life to do the best.

The obsession of my life is still to reach the end and realize that I would have let myself be carried by the vagaries of life. I do not wish it.




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