Creativity: the Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop

Today I choose to share with you the work of Omar Victor Diop, a young Senegalese photographer who fascinates me enough, both by his ingenuity as by its desire to share its vision of the world, its vision of Africa and Africans thanks to his art.


Omar Victor Diop: The authentic Eye

I watched Omar Victor Diop’s Ted Talk TEDxSandaga a few years ago and I find him brilliant in the way he introduces the subject, the way he presents his route of a young African of the 80s, open to the world, lover of Africa and curious about the time.

He raises a point which speaks to me enough: misunderstood person’s status which sticks on the back of the Black “not as the others”. It is these Black that intrigue their contemporaries, even African, because they are interested in all which goes out of the expected cultural frame. I moreover liked a lot his definition of the authenticity: “the authenticity is not only an aspect of the personality, I see it as a freedom. The authenticity it is not only a being the same in any situations. It is the freedom to give itself so many facets that the life cut in us. Nobody is going to decide how you go to be African”.
I join completely his point of view. It is the young man very inspiring that I invite you to discover.


Omar Victor Diop: The serie Diaspora

We always learn something with the photos of Omar Victor Diop. His last puts into series “Diaspora” do not break the rule. I took a great pleasure to browse his website and to discover the stories of these important African characters through self-portraits inspired by the classic art era. Omar Victor Diop brings out of forgetting these people who played a major role in the fights of the Africans outside Africa.

I greet this desire to give a face to these heroes who disappeared from reports. I who am an enthusiast of general knowledge, always to question Google or Wikipedia about the most commonplace things, I feasted to look for the stories of characters as Josep Tapiro i Baro, a Spanish painter of the 19th century known for his watercolors, Jean-Baptiste Belley, French revolutionary freed ex-slave native of the Gorée Island, or still Kwasi Boakye, the prince of the Ashanti kingdom, sent in the Netherlands to study and become a mining engineer. So many characters to discover, I say it to you, I am pleasantly submerged by so much information on these “Diasporiens” which preceded us.

Omar Victor Diop – Diaspora – Josep Tapiró i Baró


club-des-cotonettes_point-creativite_omar-victor-diop_photographie_diasporaOmar Victor Diop – Diaspora – Jean-Baptiste Belley


Omar Victor Diop – Diaspora – Kwasi Boakye

That’s it for today guys. See you soon for another creativity point!



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