Women Fashion: The Basics

-I have nothing more to wear anymore

-I do not know what to wear …

Difficult to count the number of times I heard this. I must say that  at least every 3 months even given my full wardrobe . I ended up realizing the causality between the basics in the right colors and that feeling. Indeed, a basic is the skeleton, the base of the wardrobe. This piece that looks simple but brings the final touch to your outfit. A good basic goes with everything because it is timeless, beyond the fashions and trends, you will never get tired of it. Depending on style, habits, the number of basic can vary,. I have twenty of them for example. I wear them often so they often have to be replaced. The “I have nothing more to put me” is now the alarm “it’s time to rebuild your stock of basics“. What are the essential basics? How to find your own ?

The “essentials” basics

In my opinion, these are pieces that are self-sufficient. Wearable every seasons no matter the trends, and suit to everyone. With them, impossible to make a fashion faux pas. I have never seen a person with a basic cotton t-shirt under a blazer doing one. Be careful however, as I said above these are pieces that you might wear often, so you must look closely at the quality of materials there made in and choose the cut adapted to your silhouette; round neck T-shirts are not suitable for everyone, the V-neck t-shirt will be preferred in this case for example. In the essential basics in front line white basic t-shirts. Worn alone with the appropriate accessories or in addition to a jacket or some dresses. True allies in everyday life. Almost equal, the white shirt.

Then comes the black blazer. It’s simple, sometimes you will feel like you have a new jacket depending on the clothes and accessories that you will associate.

I must add, the boyfriend jeans, the classic black pants and a black straight dress. Once this base is established, you should have less and less difficulty creating your looks and combining all the elements of your wardrobe.

How to find his basics?

When like me, despite the acquisition of essential basics you still have a hard time  (of course not by whims like me 😉 ) to dress, maybe it’s because you have not yet find all your basics, the pieces which will allow you to make the most with your wardrobe. How to do? Listen and take note of your needs. What you miss most often comes up when you try to get dressed: write down. Some pieces will come out several times. These are your basics. These are often variations of colors “universals” basics that you already have or then fundamental pieces for you, specific to your own style. The leather jogging pants for example is one for me.


Remember: pensez, appliquez, modez.

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