Mode Homme: La Chemise en Soie Pour Homme

I was talking to you some time ago about the men’s satin shirt, a yet so fashionable piece. No way to miss it from red carpets, to the shelves of our favorites stores and the magazines. Yet nothing new under the sun. As is often the case with past trends, this one is about to last. Updated last year in the ultra-colorful or bling version, there is a multiplication of possibilities. How to navigate and choose your silk shirt?

Starting with your body

As I told you here, choosing your shirt is not easy: collar, sleeves, buttonhole, materials … everything is in the detail. The choice of the silk shirt is no exception to this rule. More than ever, it will be necessary to start by your silhouette to find THE good shirt. If you are strong for example, the silk tends to crease and mark, you will have to avoid ultra slims cuts and choose the right type of silk.

Silk is a complex material that reacts almost instantly to each movement (crumpling …), so be sure, try before choosing that you are not hindered and that the shirt does not crease too much every time you move.

Starting with your style

Collar, printed, more classic cut … it is possible to find almost all styles when it comes to shirt. Everything will depend on what you are looking for. The material is unusual, I advise you to dare, dare in terms of color or in terms of details.

A. my model, who trusted me, found himself in a frilled shirt and a colored silk shirt. The idea? Prove him that these original shirts that he would not have chosen, which he was even afraid of, can blend perfectly into his rather classic wardrobe.

And you? Would you dare the satin silk shirt?

Remember: pensez, appliquez, modez.

C. - Rédactrice Mode

Je suis pétrie d'art et de mode depuis plus de 10 ans maintenant ! J'estime que la mode est bien plus que ce qu'elle peut paraître. J'en fais un outil d'acceptation de soi au travers des looks et relookings que je propose sur Le Club des Cotonettes ! Aider les autres à se révéler à travers leur style ? Mon but ultime.

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