Mode Femme: C De Leen X June : les Créateurs Africains à Petits Prix


To continue my collaboration with June (if you do not follow him now, please press here), after the artistic direction, I wanted to put forward various african designers proposing little prices online (yeah I am lazy) so before my trip I bought some pieces. In the end, thanks to my legendary laziness, she didn’t shoot everything.  As usual, I didn’t try the clothes when I received them do,  I could not anticipate the small surprises of sizing or fitting. 

I have often heard or read that it is difficult to wear African designers clothes because of the prices. This argument comes at a time when brands and distributors are competing ingeniously to offer unbeatable prices. As far as I am concerned, I’m team lazy: it’s simple, if it is not on my way, Ii will be hard for me to get it. It was a real challenge for me adding the fact that I didn’t have a lot is time to order in more than brands. 

NoW I have discover more brands but do not hesitate to share yours. How to find afros brands offering cheap “fashion” pieces and how to stylize pieces?

Internet is your best friend

Sourcing is the base of all type of research. Social networks and search engines are a real mine of informations as long as you give it a little time. I prefer Mymou and Instagram. Yes, I do not always take the time to look out, Mymou will always have the right plan. As for Instagram, I think have the chance to follow the good persons cause I always have suggestions. The keywords are magical; as if from a hashtag the world was opening to you. It’s simple I found a lot of the brands starting from #africanprint. In the whole process you have to be patient because there is a lot of things sometimes not even related to your research. I will not talk about the number of brands that I kindly left out just reading customer reviews. 

Once you have made your choice, always check the buying policies before placing an order si in case of sizing issue, change of mind … can return easily.  Nevertheless who says small prices, says small requirements do not forget to stay coherent, arm yourself with patience.

Contrast as motto 

In order to give a different dimension to outfit, there is nothing better than contrast. Mix pieces of different styles to create your own thing. For this dress Karamelle bought 20 €, I decided to play with some of the most  fashionable accessories I have. Which immediately gives the silhouette something special. Depending on your taste you can decide to go to more classic pieces as long as you feel it.

Beside so little inconveniences you can easily find fashionable african brands proposing cheap items and be stylish rocking those. Remember: pensez, appliquez, modez. 


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