Woman Fashion: How To Wear Nightwear By Day?


If you’ve been following me for a long time you know that nightwear by day trend is perfect for me. I already used already to wear my pajamas by day. However, it is not easy to wear pajamas in a daytime without looking like just fallen on your head or not having finished dressing. So how to choose the perfect pajamas to wear during the day and how to compose a look?

Choose a brand that offers models of original pajamas

As an unconditional of the “night wear by day”, when sunny days are coming ear, I’m looking for pieces for the season. This year I set my sights on Etam. Indeed, Etam lingerie has always competed with ingenuity and creativity in pajamas. Indeed, the color and material of your pajamas are the only elements that will make you crazy to fashionista 😉


Once in the store, there were a lot of choice. it must be said that Etam knows how to give you options. After long hesitation between several models, I opted for a short with a kimono-style shirt. The rather graphic print in two tones facilitates the association with other pieces. I decided to put it with a pair of rather trendy shoes.


Composing elaborate looks

Once your piecesare chosen, it’s about composing your look. No matter what you choose, you’ll have to pair with the right accessories to make your outfit a complete one. The goal is to avoid to look dressed. Shoes, handbag, through your beauty, everything must be carefully pick.


At the Etam nightie, I decided to pair a pair of classic Converse and an oversize jeans jacket.


For the beauty I chose a pink makeup while glow. The rest? a little attitude.


In your turn do not forget: pensez, appliquez, modez.

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