HAIRSTYLES – Styling uber short natural kinky hair

Hi Cotonettes,

I hope you guys are well. Me? yes! I am good and guess what ? Once again I cut my hair.

coiffer ses cheveux crépus courts how to style short natural hair

In this new chapter of my hair life, I will try to share with you as much as possible how I take care of my kinky and short hair. Because yes currently they are at a length that many of the natural find difficult to manage (myself included).

For this first chapter, we will talk about curl definition / redefinition.

Styling my short kinky hair: the necessary tools

I have hair that curl once wet, so it’s easy for me to perform wash and go and redefine my curls as I’ve already spoken to you several times, see the articles wash and go curls redefinition or Dry wash and go.

Nevertheless, the definition of curls on ultra short hair is another pair of sleeves.

You will need a gel, please make sure you choose one you are sure of. Believe me do not go and try out new brands on ultra short hair, at the risk of finding yourself in the same position as me, spending your money for nothing.

You will need a good leave in conditioner, or a styling mousse. favor the foam, to avoid residues that could cause a leave in condition not compatible with your frost.

And finally you will need a hair brush but especially a lot of hair clips. When you have short hair, you need to make sections, and the more sections you have, the easier you will work with your hair. I’m talking to you in detail about how effectively I treat my hair in my ebook “Taking care of her frizzy hair – the Ultimate guide to the lazy”. Invest in excellent claws that will not pull your hair.

In terms of hairbrush I recommend only one on hair of this length: the Denman brush (or equivalent). You can read or reread here my guide on styling tools for frizzy hair.

In video below, I show you how I handle the brush to properly redefine each section of hair.

Believe me you will need fingering to achieve a flawless result. But after two or three definite sections, you take the hand.

Styling my short frizzy hair: the end result

Once the hair is redefined, it’s up to you to play. Frohawck? Mohawck? line on the middle? Style your hair according to the shape that best puts your face forward.

coiffer ses cheveux crépus courts how to style short natural hair

I use hairpins to put my hair up on the sides and get this Mohawck rendering.

coiffer ses cheveux crépus courts how to style short natural hair

I let my hair dry in the open air for this rather AFro rendering.

Nice end of day to you,


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