Men Fashion: how to choose your bag?

The bag has always been a woman’s wardrobe essential. For men it was quite different. But between the keys, the bigger wallets, the papers … Difficult to keep using pockets. The bag has therefore slowly made itself a way to male wardrobe.

Moreover, wearing a bag has become so democratized that supply has diversified.
What are the main forms of men’s bags and how to choose the one for you?

What are the main types of men’s bag?

As i said earlier, they are now differents shapes of men bags . From the little satchel and the attache case to a miltitud.

The messenger bag is worn over the shoulder. In leather (to avoid the student bag style), it subtly matches casual outfits.



The backpack: Yes, I know It has a long story with the students. Actually, everything depends on the material of the bag. Indeed, since few months, it has not stopped evolving between technologies and design. It is now the ultimate accessory for a casual urban look.




The portfolio. Without handles, it can quickly be annoying. Yet it is by far the most distinguished and  fashionable model.




The Tote bag often in canvas, is very practical. It adapts easily to all styles. How ever, it is often snub because it looks like a female bag.




The briefcase declined to infinity, remains the most plebiscite by men. Ideal for costumes and other dressed and functional looks.




The 24h. The Rolls Royce of the bags for men. Large enough to carry all your belongings, while being elegant enough to fit all day.



How to choose your bag?

If it is obvious that you must choose according to your style, the material and the craftsmanship will determine the quality of your bag.
Once you’ve choose the shape of your future, the material of your future bag will have to hold your attention. Plastics materials have to be banned in all cases. They age badly and have a neglected aspect. Choose a full grain leather that will age better.  If you prefer canvas, pay attention to its properties. Choose a waterproof and water repellent so you do not end up with a wet when it’s raining.

As craftmanship, clean slices dyes, seams and regular stitching are a quality guarantee. So do not hesitate to watch  them carefully.




Now that you’re ready to choose you’re bag, remember: pensez, appliquez, modez.

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